Author: Adirael

  • Stop killing your plants

    Lately I’ve been in an automation spree around the house. Since COVID-19 we’ve been working from home and spending most of our time indoors, so it makes sense that all the projects we had gathering dust are becoming important again. In future posts I’ll talk more about what I’m using to drive my IoT devices, […]

  • Rechargeable AAA batteries, with a simple little trick

    I recently found out about the existence of rechargeable 1.5V AAA batteries. Most people don’t know that normal NiMH AA or AAA batteries don’t output 1.5V like a normal Duracell battery would. NiMH AA/AAA batteries are rated to 1.2V but they’ll give you 1.4V when fully charged and start dropping their voltage when they start […]

  • Connect Simplify3D with OctoPrint

    I recently moved from Cura to Simplify3D and one of the things I really missed was the ability to upload and start a printing job directly from the slicer UI. This is not directly supported, but Simplify3D can execute a script to post process the generated gcode file. There you can tell Simplify3D to upload […]

  • DIY bias lighting for macOS

    A few weeks ago, while I was reorganizing my workspace I found a 10 meter reel of NeoPixels. Originally I wanted to put them behind a Ikea Kallax shelf where I put random junk, but since I’m working from home a lot lately it seemed a better idea to put them behind my screen! You […]